Summer Skill Building

Pitching skills with Grant Balfour and Michael Accomando

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Citrus Park Sports Association is pleased to announce a unique skill-building opportunity for baseball and softball players, league age 8U-18U this Summer!!!  We are honored to have Grant Balfour come to our park to teach potential players how to pitch, and to help current pitchers become better! 

Click the link below or click on the green "LOGIN" icon on the upper righthand corner of our website homepage to begin registration!!!

Grant Balfour spent 15 years as a professional relief pitcher in Major League Baseball. He made his MLB debut in 2001, and he retired in 2015. Grant has played for the Minnesota Twins, Milwaukee Brewers, Oakland Athletics, and our very own Tampa Bay Rays!!!

Grant Balfour’s career win-loss record is 30-23, with an earned run average of just 3.49. He had 571 career strike outs, and 84 saves. Grant pitched for the Tampa Bay Rays in 2008 helping the team to reach the Post Season, and then on to the World Series in which he pitched in as well. In 2013, he was selected to the Major League Baseball All-Star team!

Grant will be assisted by Michael Accomando, who was a minor league pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. 

We are only allowing 12 players per age group, and the age groups will be 8U, 10U, 12U, 13U - 18U

Registration will be $99 for a one day skill building session, from 6 pm to 8 pm. Please see age group and dates below:

Monday (July 26th) for 13U to 18U only.

Tuesday (July 27th) for 12U only.

Wednesday (July 28th) for 10U only.

Thursday (July 29th) for 8U only.

If you have a child that is interested in becoming a pitcher at Citrus Park, is a current pitcher for Citrus Park, wants to gain MLB knowledge on how to become a better pitcher, or even if you are a Manager or Coach that wants to sign up your child so you can learn how to teach your players how to become better pitchers,  then this skill building opportunity is something you cannot miss!

Topics to be covered:

·         Proper stretching techniques 

·         Proper warm up techniques 

·         How to best avoid injuries

·         Bad habits to avoid, and good habits to implement.

·         Depending on age group, further topics may include; throwing certain pitches, mental focus, etc..

·         Getting answers to any questions you may have to benefit you as a pitcher!

·         Pitching drills

Built into the two hour training, you will receive an autograph from Grant Balfour, and you will be allowed to take a personal picture of your child with Grant with your own phone/camera! 

We are keeping the group sizes low for each day so your child gets more personalized training! 

Do not delay signing up because these spots will go extremely fast!