COVID 19 Safety Precautions and Guidelines

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Possible Schedule Changes and Cancellations due to COVID-19:  The Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation Department has seen a lot of changes over the past 10 months. Because Citrus Park is on County Property we must abide by our Facilities Use Agreement with the Parks and Recreation Youth Athletics Division. Here in Hillsborough County, we have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and we are still not at regular, traditional programming. We have been fortunate to begin youth athletics under COVID-19 protocols. As a whole, leagues throughout the county have done very well implementing these protocols to reduce infection and increase safety. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a situation now where nationally, state-wide, and county-wide, the positivity rate is rising and future restrictions may have to be put in place. When we began opening up sports during the fall 2020 season, we were at 6% and we are currently at 9% and trending up. We will let everyone know as soon as possible if there are changes being made regarding the COVID-19 County guidelines and procedures. It is very possible that we will have to scale things back if the positivity rate continues to climb. We understand the need for our youth to stay active, but in the interest of public health, there may be postponements or cancellations of activities with little or no advanced notice. Citrus Park in not liable for any cancellations or postponements due to changes in Hillsborough County guidelines, this is beyond the control of our park volunteers and all registration fees are non-refundable. As always, our park volunteers will use all means at our disposal to keep costs down and keep our baseball and softball programs up and running for the youth in our community. Please continue to be proactive, social distance, wear face coverings when not distanced, and sanitize frequently. All current county COVID-19 guidelines are listed below. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding during this time. 




Per the facilities use agreement between Citrus Park Sports Association and the Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation Athletics Department, field use, scrimmages and competition may continue for the Soring 2021 baseball/softball season providing the following safety precautions and COVID-19 Guidelines are enforced and followed by all board members, team managers, coaches, parents, volunteers, athletes. Current (updated on the 19th of September 2020) CDC guidance and Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation Athletics Department guidelines are listed below. These guidelines are subject to update by the Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation Athletics Department and Citrus Park Sports Association and changes may be required as appropriate.


  • Limit use of shared equipment. Encourage all players to bring their own equipment.
  • Any shared equipment is to be sanitized between uses with an EPA registered disinfectant suitable against COVID‐19.
  • Ensure safe and correct application of disinfectants and keep products away from children.
  • Each team must have FDA approved hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol for coaches and participants.
  • Use best efforts to avoid restroom crowding.
  • Clean, sanitize, and disinfect common high‐touch surfaces such as equipment, shared objects, door handles, sink handles, restrooms, etc…


  • It is recommended for temperature/COVID‐19 screening to be conducted upon arrival.
  • A site‐specific entry/exit and drop off/pickup plan which promotes social distancing shall be included in all plans.
  • Must keep roster/attendance for 120 days for all scheduled activities to assist with contact tracing, if necessary.
  • Staggered competition/scrimmage times shall be implemented to ensure two teams per field. No early arrivals/late departures. All competition/scrimmages will be time limited.
  • All fields must be locked/secured after final game of the day except for the t-ball field, which is our designated public use field.
  • Signage will be posted promoting safe hygiene, social distancing, social distancing markers, hygiene etiquette etc.
  • Leagues/Teams will submit a schedule to Hillsborough County for approval. No field use, scrimmages or games are allowed outside of this schedule. Schedules will allow for greater time gaps between games to help limit the number of people at the park at one time.
  • All participants, parents, volunteer, and board members must sign a participation waiver prior to entering the facility. All league/team members shall receive a copy of the league plan/protocols.
  • Continue the use of virtual and online registration and use of conference calls or other remote platforms for any group or parent meetings.
  • No on field presentations, awards, or photos. Use of virtual award ceremonies is recommended.
  • All persons entering the facility shall have with them on their person a facial covering/mask or face shield upon entry:
  • This requirement applies to coaches, players, spectators, umpires, and all others. Exceptions apply to those with a medical condition and those under 5 years of age.
  • Facial covering/masks shall be worn whenever social distancing of 6’ cannot be maintained and when circulating to areas where interactions, intended or unintended, are likely, such as entering/exiting the facility, restrooms, walking through assembly areas, concessions, or other queuing areas.
  • Coaching Staff & Umpires shall wear face coverings while on the field of play.
  • Face coverings will be worn in dugouts.
  • Team huddles must allow for safe distancing.
  • No handshaking/celebrations: Players and coaches should refrain from handshakes, high fives, fist/elbow bumps, chest bumps, group celebrations, etc.
  • Each individual shall bring their own snacks, beverages, water bottles for personal consumption. No group water or Gatorade buckets shall be used.
  • The use of candy, chewing gum and/or sunflower seeds is not permitted by players, coaches, umpires.
  • In the event of rain, lightning, wind or any inclement weather, individuals must return to their vehicles to avoid overcrowding in covered areas like bleachers and dugouts and maintain social distance of 6 feet.
  • In the event of serious injury or sudden illness, call 911 for emergency response. 


  • Wear a face covering/mask whenever social distancing of 6’ cannot be maintained particularly when moving or circulating to the restrooms etc.
  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to remain in vehicles or drop off children when possible. If choosing to watch, limiting one parent/guardian per child is encouraged as well as keeping family group sizes to 9 or less.
  • If a parent/guardian(s) chooses to watch, he/she must:
    • Stay off the field/sideline.
    • Maintain social distancing and not intermingle with other groups.


  • Concession stands are to remain closed.


  • A response/disinfection plan will be followed if an individual at the facility is ill with symptoms of COVID‐19 or tests positive for the illness This shall include notification of anyone who may have had close contact, health officials and the HCPRD Athletics Office.

Consequences for lack of compliance may include a suspension from play and/or loss of facility privileges or use. No refunds of registration fees will be given due to suspension or loss of facility privileges due to non-compliance of safety procedures or failure to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines.