CP Select

UpdatedTuesday January 8, 2019 byCitrus Park Sports Association.

Citrus Park Sports Association CP Select Baseball Program “CP SELECT”

Purpose & Overview

Citrus Park Sports Association ("CPSA") is committed to providing a strong, community-based, recreational youth baseball program (the "Rec. Program").   CPSA recognizes that in order to achieve this goal, it is critical to attract and retain players of all skill levels, and also properly prepare players to competitively represent CPSA in all inter-league and post-season games. In furtherance of these  objectives,  CPSA has established the CP Select Program ("CP Select").   CP Select is intended to enhance the Rec. Program experience by providing additional competitive opportunities for a limited number of actively registered players who have demonstrated both the ability and desire to play at a more competitive level and are willing to comply with the increased time and financial commitments involved.  

One CP Select team may be formed for each single year age bracket (i.e., 7U, 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U and 12U).  If a CP Select team has been established for a particular age bracket, all age-appropriate players who played on the previous year's All-Star team shall be given the opportunity to participate on the CP Select Team.  The number of players on each team is determined by its Manager. The team Manager may hold tryouts as needed to fill any vacant roster spots. Players on a CP Select team are not guaranteed spots on the upcoming All-Star team roster.  The CPSA executive board can approve or deny who manages each CP Select team.


The objective of CP Select is to provide these players with additional opportunities to play together as a competitive team after the All-Star tournament and improve their collective performances for future tournaments. Each CP Select team must break up into at least 2 separate rec teams during the Spring season in order to be eligible for All Stars. 

CP Select represents the kids in each age division that have the desire and commitment to play “travel baseball” against advanced competition in addition to playing a full rec schedule. The purpose is to help these players practice and play together to build chemistry and become better baseball players with the ultimate goal of making a deep run in all stars. Each CP Select team will be allowed to represent CPSA in any baseball competition/tournament sponsored or sanctioned by Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken, Global Sports Alliance ("GSA"), United States Specialty Sports Association ("USSSA") or any other organization approved by the CPSA Executive Board. In addition, the 12U team will be given the opportunity to represent CPSA in the Cooperstown Dreams Tournament (an invitation-only tournament with more than 1,300 participating teams from across the nation).  


Time & Financial Commitment

All CP Select players must be actively registered in the Rec. Program.  The individual time commitment required for CP Select is in addition to the time commitment required by the Rec. Program.  Although the exact number of games played from season to season and team to team varies, CP Select players typically play 15-25 games in the Fall and 30-60 games in the Spring and Summer.  These games consist of both Rec. Program games and the additional games played as part of the CP Select team. Some CP Select teams may also schedule weekly practices in addition to the Rec. Program practices.   CP Select teams are provided access to CPSA fields for practices and games.

There are also additional costs associated with participation in CP Select. These extra costs are generally associated with uniforms, tournament fees, travel expenses and equipment. CP Select teams may secure sponsors and participate in fundraising efforts to defray some of these extra costs involved.